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The History of Soaring Eagle Business Solutions LLC
Soaring Eagle Business Solutions was founded in 2011 when Harvey Fox was introduced to a legal services product, LegalShield®.

In Harvey's words, "In 2009 my family experienced a legal situation that left me feeling totally helpless. Even though I had God to lean on and trust, I felt vulnerable legally.

After seeing LegalShield®'s 24/7 Emergency Access, I realized that I was being introduced to a product that I was obligated to share with the world.

I will only promote products that I am willing to risk my good name and reputation with. This definitely was one I could." 

After doing due diligence to the product and the company behind it, along with using it for several items, Harvey made the leap and began promoting it to the local community.

In January 2016 Soaring Eagle Business Solutions LLC was formed and Harvey went full-time focusing on small businesses and voluntary employee benefits.

In October 2016 Soaring Eagle developed a credit union division and began helping them promote these products to their members. The credit unions appreciate having a product that brings Peace of Mind to their members, as it also allows them to earn non-interest income.

​As of December 2017, Soaring Eagle has partnered with 6 credit unions across the country, and is in active negotiations with dozens more.

​No matter the size of your organization, Soaring Eagle Business Solutions LLC has staff to provide the support you need.
Harvey Fox is the founder of Soaring Eagle Business Solutions LLC. He is CIPA® certified (Certified Identity Protection Advisor) by Identity Management Institute.

Our purpose is to protect and empower people.

Our mission is to deliver exceptional products and services that promote peace of mind and confidence in a world that is often times uncaring and selfish.