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Credit Union Profile Form

IDShield Overview

Click the video below to view a 2 minute video that gives a quick overview of IDShield
So, you have reviewed all the information. Now you're ready to go to the next step.

Download the Credit Union Profile form, fill it out and submit it to Soaring Eagle Business Solutions LLC to begin the setup process.

This is not the contract. 

Competative Comparision

IDShield Info For CU's

Download the Competative Comparisons. See how IDShield is second to none.
The IDShield Info For CU's link is a pdf document that shows the features and benefits of the IDShield product.

It includes letters of recommendations and a list of credit unions that offer IDShield.

Plus, MemberPERKS, a program where the savings will more than pay for an IDShield membership.

Please review it, then reach out to me with any questions.

IDShield Breakdown

Want to read the details? Here's the complete breakdown of IDShield. Exactly how it works.

IDShield App Walk Through


LegalShield Legal Plan

LegalShield App Walk Through

Why Offer LegalShield To Your Members

Download this flyer to see why you will want your organization to be at the front line. Your members will love you for it.

LegalShield Coverage

Legal Plan Overview

This pdf will explain the coverage that a LegalShield Legal Plan will provide your members. It also shows the law firms stats and the high standards they are held to. Remember, this program is no cost to your credit union, and you earn a royalty.

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